Andrew Coyne on journalism and time

Of course, objectively, most journalism is a waste of time. The time you spend reading the paper you could have been reading Nabokov.

I loved Andrew Coyne’s recent column for the opposite reason he would have wished me to: not because it brought me to “a point of view [I] did not already hold” but because it confirmed me “in [my] previous opinion.”

Like Coyne, I’m concerned with whether journalism is a waste of my time. Life is short. The concern played a central role in my thesis, and I continue to think about it.

I thought Coyne also persuasively reminded me about the need for a writer’s “attitude of humility before the reader.” It is a skill I want to continually develop.

My thesis is admittedly long, but I hope it is also accessible. I also hope it shows humility.


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